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Below are some answers to our most frequently asked questions about PetPet Massager. If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask your human to email us at contact@thepetpetshop.com
Dear pet, the difference between your human's scalp massager and PetPet Massager is in the metal legs length and positioning to ergonomically adapt to your body contours, with a wide central opening to perfectly adapt to your butt, belly, back, neck, and chest. PetPet is not a head massager, is a pet body massager. Also PetPet's fun dog shaped handle serves to massage specific spots.


Well, you will have better circulation, less stress, tension, and anxiety and pleasurable tingles from head to paws. Your human should first familiarize you with your PetPet Massager, letting you sniff it, lick it or simply gently placing it on your fur. We promise you will be begging your human for more. 


Dear pup, do not be afraid, PetPet Massager is absolutely safe for you or any of your pet friends, even piglets! Each stainless steel tine is coated with soft rubber drops to safely stimulate your fur, plus the handles super soft rubber makes it easier and fun for your human to use on you. We recommend your human not using PetPet Massager close to your ears, eyes, muzzle, genital and anal areas.


PetPet Massager is a perfect choice for cute guys like you, any size dog, cats, or any pet that loves to be massaged or simply pampered.