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Claudia, PetPet® Massager Creator

 My passion for designing pet products began two years ago, before that I was in the jewelry business selling my designs through stores like Anthropologie, Nordstrom, and many small boutique across the US. Everything changed when my daughter rescued a dog named Pumba, who had been abandoned twice in the streets of Florida. From that moment on I became obsessed with everything dog, I was constantly thinking of ways to make our sweet Pumba happy, comfortable and loved. I had at home a scalp massager, which I loved to use on me, and as many people do, I also tried it on our dog Pumba. Noticing that he liked it but I could not properly reach all his body parts as well as I wanted too, I decided to create a ’scalp massager” exclusively for dogs (or cats), which would be more ergonomically friendly for fur babies. I hand made a  prototype which I tested over and over again thanks to my daughter pet sitting many dogs and cats at that moment. After testing and seeing how much all furbabies loved it, I decide to go into production, gladly seeing  how well it has been received by both humans and pets.
Sadly our dear Pumba unexpectedly passed away a year ago  from a tumor bursting in his stomach.  I can honestly say he was the inspiration for PetPet® Massager. I still have three dogs, two Chihuahuas, Lucy and Nacho, and an American Bulldog Mix, Luna.
I'm constantly thinking about pet’s needs  and very soon I will be launching PetPet’s new patent pending product for big chewers. I’ll keep you all posted.

We love to share our customer's stories with their pets enjoying PetPet® Massager. Please feel free to send us your photos/videos for a chance to be featured on our Gallery, Utube Channel,website, blog or just tags us at #MyPetPet and @officialpetpet. See you soon!!!