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Finally, you can give your pet a customized massage experience with PetPet Massager, designed specifically for dogs, cats or any other pet that loves to be touched, massaged or simply pampered.
 The PetPet Massager is ergonomically made to adapt to your pet's body thus making the massage even more pleasurable, calming, and in general, extremely relaxing. 
It is advisable to familiarize your pet with the PetPet Massager by starting little by little, focusing on the pet's body part that is their favorite to be touched. Some pets might react somehow startled by the tingling feeling, but once they experience the pleasurable sensation in their skin, they will love it forever!
Massaging your dog sounds a little crazy, sure—but if you want to pamper your pet, there may be real benefits to giving your dog the spa treatment.
  • Get comfortable. Massaging with PetPet can be done any time and any place where you and your dog feel comfortable. Just make sure your pet is relaxed and comfortable.
  • Go slowly and maintain an even pace.Start slowly, keeping the pace and pressure even and get into a rhythm. Use light pressure  to avoid injuring your dog or making them feel uncomfortable.
  • Learn palpation techniques. These will help you find any questionable lumps, bumps, or overly sensitive areas that you might want to consult your vet about.
  • Let your dog take the lead. Listen to your dog’s body language and behavior. If he gets up and wanders off, then the session is over. If he looks uncomfortable, try using less pressure or testing if he has a sore spot that should get checked out.


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